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In Situ Concrete Slabs

In Situ Cast Concrete Suspended Slabs is what we at Cinza Projects specialise in. Our seasoned management team enables us to tackle projects of any size or complexity, assisting with projects ranging from home renovations to large industrial and commercial slabs. In this regard, even the most complex of designs is handled by our in-house tradesman and equipment. We strive to work closely with all professionals and trades including architects, engineers, plumbers and electrical contractors.

Health and Safety

Cinza Projects recognises the importance of Occupational Health and Safety for all its employees:

  • Compliance:
    We meet and / or exceed all legal requirements in all aspects of our work.
  • Decision Making:
    The Health and Safety of our employees and those of our clients is integral in our decision-making process.
  • Objectives and Targets:
    Provide and enforce safe systems of work on all projects; to review and comply with all relevant client safety procedures; to provide all employees with training in general safety and project safety procedures; as well as strive for zero occupational accidents, incidents, injuries or fatalities.
  • Programs:
    Training of employees and managers; risk management by means of implementing systems to identify, monitor and control hazards; encouraging safe working behaviour and providing Personal Protective Equipment.

All formwork and false-work designs are managed by qualified designers as set out by the OHSA -1993. We have cultivated relationships with many engineering professionals, whom we are happy to refer our clients to should design assistance for structural elements be required. We work closely with these professionals to maximise quality and limit costs.

Staircases, Lift-shafts, Concrete walls and more

Cinza Projects can erect and cast all manner of concrete elements, including but not limited to, staircases, lift-shafts, beams and walls. Our in-house tradesman and equipment allows us to effectively manage even the most complex of designs.
We strive to work closely with all professionals and trades including architects, engineers, plumbers and electrical contractors.

Steel Fixing

We have strong relationships with various steel yards and as such are able to secure the very best rates for client rebar requirements. All rebar is cut, bent and delivered directly to site as per the designs supplied by the client and / or the engineer. Our in-house fixing teams will fix as per design and accompany the designer/ engineer to ensure quality on slabs and other elements.

Concrete & Placing

We supply Ready-Mix concrete from trusted suppliers and ensure our customers are provided with the very best rates for their requirements. Concrete pumps and perform placing, as well as compacting and striking-off of concrete are all provided for. Concrete placing is performed by our skilled (in-house) concrete team to the specifications and finish requirements. All manner of finishes for slabs including Power-float, are provided.

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